“Striving daily to make the world and its inhabitants AGELESS.”

HRH Dr. Andam 1st vision of an AGELESS world stems from his believe that all humans are created equal and are born to fulfill their purpose on earth through direct interaction with other humans. He also advocates and champions the believe that humans exist to seek learning and acquire knowledge through universal networking while experiencing LIFE inall its forms, shapes, and shades.


As the world progresses into a new age of merged existences called the GLOBAL Village, the creation of a globally unified acceptance of humanities transition from a world divided by RACE and Skin Color into a world bonded by a common goal of survival is eminent. As a leader whose choices affect the lifestyles of many in my country and worldwide, I carry a heavy burden of accountability that I have built myself to endure and accept. With this view and perspective, I live my life daily to contribute my little piece of innovative change to the human puzzle of DREAMS.

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Mentoring from my perspective is the art of creative guidance for an individual or group of individuals seeking assistance within a specified field of interest that will bring growth to their aspirations and desires to achieve success.



Leadership is an innate quality that can be ignited in a person by will their will power, drive and desire to contribute to humanities progress or developed through knowledge seeking and mentorship by understudying a leader that a person has great affinity and respect for within the community, country, or the world.

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Entrepreneurs are the fabric of societies progressive growth and development. Through the work of global entrepreneurs, we have progressed humans towards the establishment of a global village where everyone and everything is connected using technological advancements and science. These contributions define the true purpose of entrepreneurship.