Writing a novel opened my creative mind into the imaginative world of young Scarlet and allowed me to live some of my childhood adventures from the perspective of a pirate saga.

HRH Dr. Andam 1st is the author of the Scarlet Minor Chronicle (, a five-book series of fantasy fiction about a young boy whose adventures and battles keeps audiences captivated in the books visualization written style. The first book of the Series which is titled THE RENEGADE brings to light the initiation of the main character and how his beginnings shaped the introduction of the adventures and his journeys on the great oceans of the world.


The second book titled The Twin Pikes of Nebo takes readers further into the battles and escapes of young Scarlet from tormenting pirates whose aim is to kill him to lift a curse that was bestowed on them, and drives readers to anticipate the third books which is titled The Crossed Blades Skull. The fourth book of the Scarlet Minor Chronicles is scheduled for release in March 2021 and the characters the author will bring forth to try and destabilize the progressive rise of Scarlet Minor and his crew of Buccaneer Bay misfits is already getting readers excited worldwide. The fifth and final book is scheduled to be release at the end of the year 2021 in August to cap of the series and allow for other projects within the Scarlet Minor Chronicles to be initiated. HRH is excited about the development of Scarlet Minor and looks forward to embarking on a creative journey to make the book series a cinematic masterpiece in the future.

Renegade SoftBack

HRH Dr. Andam 1st has also developed a series of superhero characters for the African continent and its rising population of tweens and young adults to help set a new trend of heroic characters that Africans can relate to and claim as their own. HRH has always believed in the notion that America’s greatness resides in its ability to promote and innovate super capable arts and media personalities and characters that its citizens can relate to and believe in their abilities. Such believes have led to the confidence development of children within American schools and birthed innovations in science and many fields.


HRH sees the value of characters like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and many cartoon characters that have graced the silver screen and television sets across America as a needed cultural confidence development tool for kids to learn the basics of life. The lack thereof of such characters in Africa has led to children growing up and being timid with low self-esteem. Due to this believe, HRH founded the company Sleek Media Group to help develop his portfolio of media and cinematic characters which are scheduled for introduction to the world in 2021 July.  


HRH has also complete a series of inspirational novels that will be published under his signature brand Andam Books ( and will also house publications from his family of authors.