Eloquence is FREEDOM and the power of speech is what drives ears to hear when change is needed.

HRH is a speaker with eloquence who has delivered captivating speeches to audiences worldwide. His voice and words during presentation on global trends and issues has led to transformational ideas being turned into implementable solutions to problems in many communities across the world. HRH’s has spoken across all continents and have participated in Global initiatives on climatic change, political desensitization, environmental protection, educational digitization, war and conflict resolution, media and press freedom, private equity fund analysis, capital markets review, emerging markets, commodity trading, health and wellness discussions, sports management reviews, and general life ethics sessions.


HRH has been a renowned VENTURE CAPITALIST, a GLOBAL SPEAKER on emerging markets, AN AUTHOR of a Novel series and a writer of many inspirational publications, and a DYNAMICENTREPRENEURwho has SUCCESSFULLY BUILT AND TRANSFORMED BUSINESSES across the WORLD.