“What defines an entrepreneur is not the innovations or businesses they build but the contributions such businesses deliver into society for the progressive development and growth of humanity.”

HRH Dr. Andam 1st is a serial entrepreneur and a compassionate mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs. HRH’s entrepreneurship and mentoring office focuses on engaging with budding entrepreneurs to identify their passion and vision for solving everyday problems that consumers and enterprises encounter both in business and in life. With this core motivation, HRH’s team provide the requisite tools to selected entrepreneurs and award them the funding resources needed for them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

HRH is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies with brands that are recognizable worldwide today. Notably in his portfolio of enterprise accomplishments is the founding of SEV Global (www.sideequity.com), WorldVuer (www.wvistore.com), Payodd (www.payodd.com), Beverly Air (www.beverlyair.com), OS Petro (www.ospetro.com), Sleek Media Group (www.sleekmediagroup.com), Prolific Sports (www.prolificsportsinc.com), Afriva (www.afriva.com), Andam Books (www.scarletminor.com), Pigocow (www.adziban.com), Adziban Fast Food, Yogosub Fast Food, Kubebite Boosters, Andam Air, King Khokhar, Surma Bank, and many great and innovative entrepreneurial brands that are helping employ people globally. 


If you are a young aspiring entrepreneur looking for a mentorship team that can help you reach your dreams and goals, review the SEV Global (www.sideequity.com) attached document and apply for an opportunity to join our mentorship class.