Our Gates open to all who seek learning and are determined to contribute their piece of work to the betterment of humanity.


Our doors allow seekers who are committed to delivering solutions to problems that affect humanities progressive growth towards a world that is filled with peace and harmony to enter.


Our windows allow you to gain a new perspective of humanities need to unite the world with a common goal of bringing equal rights to all living beings because we are all one people of different shades.


Humanism defines the focus that I have for a world within which peace reigns regardless of race, culture, and creed.

Over the years of my global travels, I have learned that two core principles that define purpose for humanity is Spirituality and Living. These two principles make up the embodiment of our entire existence. Each principle holds its own section of human indulgence and acceptance with multitudes interpreting them based on their area of origin on the planet. The principle of spirituality over the years have been branded in many forms to help people manage their purpose in life while providing a foundation for profiteers who prey on the gullible and believers in faith for their personal gains. The principle of living has driven humanity to greater achievements in engineering and society development while also presenting its sections of chaos that destroys the fabric so society.


A Ghanaian born African whose pride for country and continent resonates with the great leaders who led the liberation of the many sovereign nations within the worlds most endowered continent, HRH Dr. Andam has always envisioned an African Continent that is United by its people and defined by a common blue print for development of prosperity for all its inhabitants. Ghana in the words of HRH Dr. Andam is the core to Africa’s Unity and his ambition to lead the next generation of leaders within the continents 54 countries to pursue an agenda that Unites the people