I aspire to contribute my little piece of innovation in life to the human puzzle of dreams

The life that we have all had the opportunity to experience is one that we cannot take for granted because many will be born but a few will get to breath long enough to experience life. My value for life resonates with the experiences that a young child holds dear to their heart before finding their walking steps towards their lives journey. As a young man born into a family with humble beginnings, I always use the analogy of a computer screensaver to share my excitement at the blessings I have received in my life and the amount of the world I have had an opportunity to see and experience.

I would always tell people that I am waiting for the day that someone would punch into the computer screensaver the code to open my life and wake me up from this amazing dreamland I live in. I always pray that my life keeps on being real and remind myself to always have gratitude for all the blessings I have received throughout my journey to date. 


I touch and feel life every day to make sure that its not a virtual experience that I am enjoying but a real living journey that is evolving with TIME. This portal was built for me to share my experiences and open up my life’s train to anyone willing to SEEK LEARNING even by faith from my little existence that I feel has been amazing and filled with journeys I never ever dreamed of having.

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