Gratitude drives selflessness in any Ruler.

“Leadership is an innate quality that is possessed by a few chosen individuals who sacrifice their comfort and wellbeing to serve others, and fight to bring the needs of the ordinary people to the elite in society for redress.”

HRH Dr. Nana SanzuleManwere Andam 1st is the enstooled Manwerehene of Sanzule in the Nzema dynasty of Ghana which occupies the oil and gas rich zone of the countries Western Regional Belt. The region is endowed with natural resources and an educated populace whose efforts contribute over 60% of Ghana’s GDP.

His Highness is the Honorary Ambassador of the Region and is responsible for the investment and development focused agenda of the region under the directives of the Western Regional Coordinating Council. The Western Region has been a region of value to Ghana because it is also thebirthplace of one of the great sons of Africa, Asagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was the first President of the Republic of Ghana.


HRH is the founder of The Ordinary Peoples Projects (, a focused group of projects and initiatives across the African continent being implemented in communities of choice by young and aspiring entrepreneurs selected from SEV Global and its Mentor class team. HRH is the Patron of OPP and has committed to oversee the implementation of small to medium industrializations projects across Africa through OPP.

Review the details about HRH Dr. Andam’sfocused development project in Apowa in the Western Region and learn more about how you can engage with his offices to become a part of the development initiatives being undertaken in the region.