Do you want to be a Giving Contributor to the development of our modern-day world? We are determined to establish a new blueprint for humanity where everyday life encounters and human interaction will not be defined by race or skin color but by the understanding that all people are born as humans and have the RIGHT to enjoy being a part of our global Economy. Our endless giving project is designed to empower you to reach out to sections of your community and develop an ordinary peoples project to provide growth within your community.


Do you want to be Taking a responsibility over a need within your community? When there is a need in any community worldwide, the solution to that need can be fulfilled within the community and resolved among residents of the community. For this to occur, a leader is needed to guide the process of getting the need addressed. Our Take A Winner project is focused on identifying leaders like you to take on such community needs and be responsible for guiding the community into finding a solution to resolve the need. If you are ready to build a team to work on a project that addresses the need for community members to benefit, join our Takers project and present a need that you would like to address within your community.


Are you ready to teach the world and share your expertise with others who may need your skillset to help build their community? Our vision for our educator is to identify individuals who can teach a skill to community members and advance them with the skills towards self-sustainability. Are you that person who is willing and ready to teach? Join our Educators Are Us project to share your knowledge and teach the world.