Mentoring from my perspective is the art of creative guidance for an individual or group of individuals seeking assistance within a specified field of interest that will bring growth to their aspirations and desires to achieve success.

Our team is collaboratively working with enthusiastic individuals who are determined to explore their innate capabilities and talents for the betterment of humankind. Our office is open to receiving requests for mentorship on projects and initiatives that are socially responsible, technologically innovative, and globally green for the progressive enhancement of life on earth. Please contact our company WorldVuer ( for all technological innovations, Beverly Air ( for any initiatives that is within the infrastructure and real estate development sector, OS Petro ( for any initiatives that are focused on natural resources development and green energy development, Afriva ( for eCommerce and online sales of goods and services to consumers worldwide, Prolifics Sports ( for all sports management and sports mentorship needs, Sleek Media Group ( for all media and entertainment needs, Ruff Money Records ( for all musical talents and creative music writing management needs, Payodd ( for payment processing, remittances, and commerce trading initiatives, Lexap ( for wellness and lifestyle enhancement needs, and SEV Global ( for all other mentorship needs.